What is FortuRATE?

Do you use social media to seek honest ratings and comments on your post or creativity, but you always get frustrated when you don't get to see WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF IT?

Think no further!

With FortuRATE App, you can get your work rated out of 5 stars and read comments about you and your work, all in one app and one place, without having to check different social media platforms one by one.

Just create a campaign and share the FortuRATE link with your friends, that's it.
When they rate your work, the app automatically gives you an overall rating that can be shared on social media again to show how popular you are!
So, What are you waiting for?

Download the app now from Play Store and start collecting your ratings. FortuRATE - All your ratings in one app.


This feature helps you monitor your overall ratings and ratings across various categories.

Organize Your Ratings

Categorize your rating campaigns under Professional, Personal, Social and Others and see where you are more popular and where you need to work more.

Share With Friends

Share your overall ratings snapshot with your friends on social media to show how popular you are.

Create Rating Campaigns

To get your content rated by your friends, just create a rating campaign and share the unique URL with your friends.

Appreciate Creativity

Rate contents created by your friends and encourage them to be more creative by your honest reviews.

Embed Social Media Content

Embed social media content in your rating campaign so that your friends can see it before giving their honest rating and comments.

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